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How to reasonably use PET bottles?

August 5, 2020

Latest company news about How to reasonably use PET bottles?

The market share of pet bottle for packaging over recent years is obvious to all. Compared with other types of plastic bottles, pet bottles are heat-resistant, can touch with food, so they are widely used in food packaging. Plastic bottles have become an important part of life, beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, candies, chocolates, biscuits and nuts, many foods we usually see in supermarke's shelves are basically packed in pet bottles. Compared with glass bottles, pet bottles are lighter, not fragible, and much cheaper. Therefore, pet bottles have become more and more popular by many manufacturers and consumers.

However, we should be aware that many people are not quite clear about how to use the pet bottles reasonably. For a long time, many people have a misunderstanding that the pet bottle can be heat-resistant and non-deformable. Therefore, in the winter, many people will use the pet bottle to load hot water, or heat the pet bottle . But this can lead to a series of problems. First of all, the pet bottle packaging should not be overheated otherwise it will be deforemed. Secondly, the pet bottle will release harmful substances after overheated. Therefore, heating is not recommended for food safety reasons.
For the correct use of pet bottles, we recommend not to be heated, try to make it out of a relatively stable environment. This is the most reasonable.

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